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To nominate a KASFAA member for the Deborah Byers Outstanding Service Award, Bruce Lopez Meritorious Achievement Award, the Hall of Fame Award, or KASFAA Rising Star award or to put an individual forward for retirement recognition, please use the appropriate form on our forms page.

KASFAA recognizes individuals who have provided volunteer service or made significant contributions towards the aims and ideals of the financial aid profession in KASFAA.  Any member of the association may make nominations for awards.  The Awards subcommittee of the Conference Planning committee, which is overseen by the President-Elect, will plan and execute the nomination, selection, and award process for the Awards Banquet, held in conjunction with the annual Spring Conference.  Following is a list of the current, approved awards.  The Board of Directors must approve any other recognition.

Length of Service Awards are presented to members and associate members who have maintained paid membership in KASFAA for 10, 15, 20 years and each five years thereafter. A start date between January 1 to December 31 counts as a full year of service for the purpose of the Length of Service Award. In addition, the members institution must be a current paid member of KASFAA. The Awards subcommittee will collaborate with the Membership committee to determine, using the membership database, the list of awardees.  In case of questions about start dates, the member in question should be contacted for clarification.

Retirement Recognition is given to members who have officially retired from their place of employment, the profession, and their institution. They must have 10 years of service or more of active participation in KASFAA. The Awards subcommittee will collect the names of those eligible by various means including asking primary institutional or associate members or querying the KASFAA listserv. In case of questions about retirement, the member in question should be contacted for clarification.  The retirement gift guidelines are outlined in the Conference Planning handbook. Those recognized upon their retirement should be kept on the KASFAA mailing list and are welcome to attend meetings or participate in KASFAA activities as though they were still paying membership dues.

Outgoing Presidents Plaque is presented by the incoming President to the outgoing President.

Committee of the Year Award is selected each year by the KASFAA President.

Special Recognition Award may recognize an individual who is not a current year recipient of another distinguished KASFAA award. It was designed to recognize individuals for their special or unique service to KASFAA.  It may be used to recognize those who have left the association or profession after significant service.  It may also be used to recognize friends of KASFAA who provide significant or noteworthy contributions to the financial aid professions.  These friends of KASFAA may include employees of federal or state government or employees of other organizations affiliated with KASFAA.  Recipient(s) of this special recognition will be at the recommendation of the Executive Board.

For the following awards, the Awards subcommittee will solicit nominations from the entire KASFAA membership.  The Board of Directors (officers and committee chairs) will participate in a secret ballot to choose the winners.  The voting process can occur electronically or at the winter board meeting.  Winners of these awards are presented with plaques at the Awards Banquet with results kept secret until that time.  An individual should not be recognized with any of the awards more than once, however an individual could be honored with more than one of the awards over their time with KASFAA.  Unless otherwise noted, these awards must go to KASFAA members.

Deborah Byers Outstanding Service Award is presented to recognize the outstanding contributions of an individual in the field of financial aid through sustained contributions to KASFAA. The Board may select one member or associate member each year.

Bruce Lopez Meritorious Achievement Award is presented to an individual who has made either an important single contribution or significant multiple contributions to KASFAA or the profession. The individual does not have to be a member of KASFAA. The purpose of this award is to encourage members to become involved in carrying out the mission of the Association and to encourage continued individual support to the financial aid profession

The Hall of Fame Award is the highest award made by KASFAA. It is not mandated that this award be given each year and more than one person may be recognized in a given year. This award can be given to any person who has contributed significantly to the financial aid profession for a minimum of fifteen years.

KASFAA Rising Star Award provides recognition to an individual member with fewer than 5 years of experience in KASFAA who shows promise for future contributions to the association or the financial aid profession. This individual has demonstrated quality performance through their passion for their work while exemplifying the professionalism and dedication to the mission of KASFAA.

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