KASFAA is a nonprofit association of post-secondary institutions and agencies who are interested in promoting the effective administration of student financial aid in the State of Kansas. The Association has sought to ensure access to post-secondary education for the many students of this state through a variety of efforts in professional development, information dissemination, legislative and regulatory analysis. KASFAA believes that competent and well informed agencies and institutional financial aid administrators are vitally important if students are to receive the financial assistance to which they are entitled as they pursue post-secondary education.

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KASFAA Awards Winners – Summer Institute

Apr 12 2021
RMASFAA’s Summer Institute is a nationally recognized week of training for financial aid administrators. 23 apps were received this year. Exciting News … … We were able to award 5 instead of 4 this year!! And the winners are… -Kathy … Continue reading →

NASFAA presents the Student Aid Reference Desk

Apr 1 2021
Verification? Loan eligibility? FAFSA simplification? Whatever you need, find the latest resources, legislation, and guidance -- fast -- with the Student Aid Reference Desk: https://bit.ly/3avGvJS #SArefdesk The Student Aid Reference Desk -- “Ref Desk,” for short -- is a central … Continue reading →

KASFAA Spring 2021 Conference – Fun and Prizes

Mar 31 2021
Come on out for your chance to win some prizes and have tons fun!! Original post by Diana VanDyke on KASFAA Main board

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