KASFAA Oz-Sociated Press, Winter 2004
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News from the Kansas Board of Regents

Submitted by
Diane Lindeman

We are anxious to see what we can expect in the student financial aid arena during the 2004 legislative session. The Governor has recommended an additional $1.0 million in the Kansas Comprehensive Grant program for FY 2005. This is the only student aid program for which an increase has been recommended at this time. Look for the new state gambling plan, which has been proposed by Governor Sebelius, to be a hot issue. Her plan would allow a substantial portion of the revenue from the expansion of gambling to go toward scholarships for Kansas students. Most likely the programs that would receive the bulk of the funding would be the Kansas Comprehensive Grant and Kansas State Scholarship programs. Stay tuned.

Some of you may have experienced some difficulty accessing the state roster information on the KASFAA website. We are trying to determine what is causing this problem. Please donít hesitate to contact our office and we will help retrieve whatever information you need.

The deadline for accepting Kansas National Guard Educational Assistance applications is February 20. It appears that the second year of this program has run more smoothly than our first. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

This year we are mailing postcards to those students who are renewal Ethnic Minority Scholarship recipients. The renewal application form is available on our website. As well a reminder that the state application, as well as all of our other application forms, are available on our website: www.kansasregents.org.

Stay warm. Think warm thoughts. We are looking forward to the spring and seeing you all in Topeka in April.

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