KASFAA Oz-Sociated Press, Winter 2003
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Across the State

Submitted by Debbie Brewer, Johnson County Community College

Tabor College

Hallie Evans is a new employee at Tabor College.

Independence Community College

Sheila Jarrett was hired as financial aid coordinator.

Cloud County Community College

Jolene Clark was hired as a financial aid assistant.
Pam Haden is the new administrative assistant.

McPherson College

Sara Brubaker was hired as an admissions and financial aid counselor.

University of Kansas

Kelly Mosher is one of the new financial aid counselors. She is a recent KU graduate.
Angela Jirak, financial aid counselor, gave birth to a baby boy, Xavier Jirak in October 2002.

Seward County Community College

Beatrice Rosales was hired as the new director.

Johnson County Community College

Lisa Dunitz is the new financial aid assistant in accounting.
Francine Lata was hired as a financial aid assistant in processing.
Debbie Davis was married on November 2, 2002 and she is now Debbie Brewer.

Emporia State University

Arlene Dodge is a new employee in the Perkins Loan Office.

Highland Community College

Cheryl Rasmussen was hired as the Vice President of Student Services.

Manhattan Christian College

Brenda Larrabee was hired as the assistant to the VP for Business.

Flint Hills Technical College

Gina Palmer was hired as the new financial aid secretary.

NCO Financial Systems

Michelle Stanko-Hartmann gave birth to a baby boy, Kolten Gregory Hartmann, on October 1, 2002.

Steadfast Publishing

Erin Anderson was hired as Marketing Specialist.
Craig Ferril was hired part time to create and maintain websites due to the growing need in this area.

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