KASFAA Oz-Sociated Press, Summer 2003
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Resources To Help Students Find Jobs

Submitted by
Andy Bracciano, Regional Director
National Student Loan Program

Summer means fun in the sun, but it also means summer jobs for many college students. You can find online employment resources to help students find summer jobs or investigate full-time careers.

Job Gusher at www.jobgusher.com lets students post a resume and find an application checklist, interviewing tools, resume tips, and post-interview advice. They can apply online using the "Employer List" and "Featured Jobs" or search jobs using their own criteria.

Monster Career Advice at www.monster.com includes resume-writers, interview advice and salary information. The online job search lets them choose a job category and location then review job summaries, companies and locations. Or they can go to Salary Wizard for help negotiating future salaries and benefits.

MonsterTrak.com's website at www.jobtrak.com has a "Salary Center", "Major to Career Converter" and "Virtual Converter" to also help seekers. Salary Center provides up-to-date salary ranges based on job category, title and location. The "Major to Career Converter" lists career opportunities by academic major. Virtual Converter is an interactive tool for practicing answers to real interview questions then learning the best answers.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook at www.bls.gov/oco provides career informationfor a wide range of occupations, including working conditions, required training and education, earnings, and expected job prospects. Occupations can be searched by title or category.

Mapping Your Future at www.mapping-your-future.org prepares students for job hunting, interviewing and resume writing with "Ten Steps to Planning for Your Future", which helps them assess their skills and interests, develop a career plan, and find careers that complement their talents.

Providing your students with online employment tools can make it easier for them to find jobs that suit their skills and interests and help them match their education to careers that have adequate income for them to repay their student loans. You can find links to these and other online Financial Management Tools at www.nslp.org/fmantool.htm.

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