KASFAA Oz-Sociated Press, Summer 2003
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RMASFAA Summer Institute Experiences

Submitted by Michelle Wiesing
University of Kansas

I was able to attend the RMASFAA Summer Institute in June due to the generosity of KASFAA and the KASFAA scholarship. I can tell KASFAA that it was money well spent. I had a GREAT time and received a wealth of information. The scholarship paid for two training sessions. The first was Professional Development and Leadership. The theme was "The Journey to Becoming" and it was led by Beverly Bell and Arlene Williams. We talked a lot about what a good leader looks like and what qualities should an effective leader possess. We completed the Strengths Deployment Inventory which provided great insight into my own personality, strengths and weaknesses. Jim Swanson shared information about mentoring and the power of effective mentors and we finished the 3-day session with an etiquette dinner which was a lot of fun.

The Neophyte training began on Sunday evening with fun and laughter. We built a boat out of cardboard that really did float (except 1 - see Jim Swanson for more on that!) and we sailed them across the swimming pool!! If you don't believe, just ask anyone with pictures or who was there - it was FUN! I learned so much throughout the week that I cannot possibly report on all of the details. I can report that I have used much of my new found knowledge everyday and have gained a greater respect for those in the office that work with R2T4 and fund management - more power to you!!

Overall, it was a lot of fun and I hope everyone in KASFAA gets to attend at sometime or another - it is really, really worth it!!

Submitted by Donna Fisher
Seward County Community College

Summer Institute provided a very extensive learning environment in which I gathered a great deal of information. Some of it was new information, but most of it was a refresher course. I gained knowledge from the new information while gaining confidence through the refresher information. The facilitators were definitely the most important part of the institute. They were all so giving of their knowledge and experience.

Summer Institute also offered an awesome opportunity to mix with colleagues and compare similar experiences and challenges faced in the financial aid world.

I again thank KASFAA for the opportunity to attend!

P.S. Regis was beautiful!!!!

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