KASFAA Oz-Sociated Press, Summer 2003
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Fall 2003 KASFAA Conference

Submitted by Don Wimpelberg
Kansas Board of Regents

The Associate Member Committee is making plans for the fall conference in Hutchinson, October 22-24. As our community service project this year we would like to help the Reno County Food Bank. As with all food banks, they can always use food or monetary donations for the needs of their community. I have talked with Keith Marks, Director of the Food Bank, and he is excited that we would be willing to help, especially this time of the year as they get ready for Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays.

I hope each one of you will plan to bring a few non-perishable food items with you to the conference, or purchase some while you are there. Cash donations and checks payable to "Reno County Food Bank" will also be appreciated. The monetary donations can be used to purchase items that have not been received. Collection baskets will be available near the registration table as you register for the conference. Thanks in advance for your support of this project.

I want to thank Alexzine Lewis (Commerce Bank), Kathy McConnell (ASAP/Union Bank & Trust), Rebecca Hedrick (Citibank), Andrea Linder (Gold Bank), Diane Lindeman (KS Board of Regents), and Carol Wirthman (US Bank) for volunteering to work on the committee with me.

Submitted by Anthony Lyons
Conference Planning Committee

The Conference Planning Committee met on June 27, in Hutchinson. We are going to work with the idea of "Back to School/Back to the Basics" for the Fall 2003 conference. Many of us are experiencing the return of students to school as a hedge against tough economic times. When things get tough, perhaps it is time to concentrate on the reviewing of our knowledge base and providing training for the new people of financial aid.

We organized into four subcommittees with the following chairs: Site (Andy Bracciano), Registration and Publicity (Brenda Boone), Program (Donna Carter), and Entertainment and Decorations (Jessica Ayres).

We discussed many issues, some in detail and organized to begin our various tasks. We ended the day with a tour of the hotel facilities and sample rooms.

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