KASFAA Oz-Sociated Press, Spring 2003
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Submitted by
Julie Esau
The College Board

The evening of April 3, 2003 provided KASFAA members with a time to honor those who have served KASFAA and students receiving financial aid for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years. Twenty-eight individuals were honored. Congratulations to each of you.

10 year group15 year group
20 year group - Marion Jones (l), Mary Dorr25 years - Sylvia Ellis
30 years - Bob Kelly35 years - Skip Sharp

The evening also provided a time to recognize three individuals for KASFAA's most prestigious awards. Our president - Annita Huff, presented these awards. Receiving the Outstanding Service Award was Craig Karlin. The Meritorious Achievement Awards was given to Valerie Walthall, and KASFAA's highest honor - The Hall of Fame award was awarded to Wilma Kasnic. Once again, congratulations to three outstanding individuals!!!

Craig KarlinValerie Walthall
Wilma Kasnic

The Committee of the Year was awarded to Publicity and Awareness, Cindi Ramaeker, chair.

Committee of the Year - Publicity and Awareness

The auction resulted in $2400 being raised for scholarships. Four $600 scholarship will be given out. Bryan Career College, Flint Hills Technical College, Johnson County Community College and Kaw Area Technical School were the recipients.

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