KASFAA Oz-Sociated Press, Fall 2003
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Funny Things Overheard in the Financial Aid Office

1. Student on the phone: "Can I please speak with Mr. Bulk-E? He just sent me an email." (Mr. Bulk-E is the software that allows mass emails to be sent to a group of people.)

2. Student on the phone: "I don't know enough schools to complete all 6 of the Federal School code section on the FAFSA!"

3. You mean I have to attend school in order to get financial aid??

4. Some common mis-pronounced terms: Stanford Loan, Peel Grant, FASSA or SASSFA forms. (Also a student has called the pell a "pella" grant. Guess they were looking out the window.)

5. When asked what their relationship is to an MPN reference: "There is none. I am not in a relationship with them."

6. "You mean I can't use myself as a reference on the MPN."

7. Student is worried she'll get dropped for non-payment of tuition (no FAFSA on file and school started two weeks ago). "Well, I do have some CDs that I could cash in, but I am saving them for a rainy day."

8. Student comes into the office stating he received a call that he needed to come by and sign his award letter. The student says, "Great! What did I win?"

9. "I'm here to sign my REWARD letter."

10. I think my professor is named "Mr. Staff".

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