KASFAA Oz-Sociated Press, Fall 2003
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Associate Committee Report

Submitted by
Don Wimpelberg, Chair
Kansas Board of Regents

RENO COUNTY FOOD BANK THANKS YOU: Thanks to everyone who contributed food items or money to the food bank at our fall conference. I was hoping for 200 pounds, but you ended up giving 301 pounds and $175. The $175 will also provide over 300 pounds of food. Thanks for your generosity in giving to this service project.

THE ASSOCIATE MEMBER FACT BOOK IS HISTORY: A survey was sent to all Financial Aid Directors concerning the use of the Associate Member Fact Book. Twenty-two responded with the following:
1. Is the Fact Book of value to you? Yes - 3, No - 13
2. How often do you refer to it? Weekly - 1, Monthly - 1, Annually - 1, Seldom - 13
3. Do you refer anyone to the Fact Book? Yes - 1, No - 15
4. Should we continue to maintain and update the book? Yes - 2, No - 10, Don't Know - 4
5. The comments included one person indicating that they would hate to see it discontinued. The other 21 comments said they never used it, didn't know that it existed, they preferred to go the lender's website, one prefers the NASFAA Directory, and that we retire the effort

At the Associate Member Breakout session it was agreed that the Fact Book was started because access to the Internet was not as available then as it is today. It was also agreed that each lender's website is updated more frequently than what the Fact Book could be. Information on each Associate Member's website will continue to be available as part of the Membership Directory. The Associate Member Committee will ensure that a correct website is available for each KASFAA Associate Member in the Membership Directory.

SPRING CONFERENCE SCHOLARSHIP FUND RAISING EVENT: Comments during the fall conference indicated that some people would like to do something different at the spring conference other than the live auctioneer or maybe a different auctioneer. One event was suggested, but it also involves an auctioneer. The Association Member Committee (Andy Bracciano, Co- Chair, NSLP; Alexzine Lewis, Commerce Bank; Kathy McConnell, ASAP/Union Bank & Trust; Rebecca Hedrick, Citibank; Andrea Linder, Gold Bank; Diane Lindeman, KBOR; Carol Wirthman, US Bank; and Cheryl Bellinger, Bank of America) will be deciding on an event in the near future. Your suggestions are welcome at don@ksbor.org.

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