KASFAA Oz-Sociated Press, Summer 2002
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KASFAA Scholarship Recipients High on RMASFAA Summer Institute

Compiled by Annita Huff

You all may recall from the last KASFAA OZ-Sociated Press edition that our organization provided scholarships for three of our members to attend the RMASFAA Summer Institute. Following are their impressions:


Where do I begin? The entire week of associating with other financial aid professionals plus the resources made available to us was well worth the time spent on the well-manicured campus of Colorado College. The torch run began early by stretching our muscles at the Leadership Workshop over the weekend and we were ready for the opening ceremonies with our social teams by Sunday afternoon. Traipsing down the hall to the dormitory bathrooms brought back memories from college days of the past. Power walking across campus to the classrooms and diving into the neophyte sessions were all part of our conditioning program. The notebook itself tested our weight lifting skills! Our coaches helped us over hurdles with their PowerPoint presentations enhanced with real life experiences from the trenches. The training table was bountiful as were refreshments at break time. Press coverage included group and candid photographs by Jim Swanson as well as a daily newsletter that magically (for us anyway) appeared each day keeping us informed of the day's events. From the entertainment planned for us to the accommodations at the college it was evident that the Planning Committee had been hard at work for quite some time. For those of you that missed the walk in Garden of the Gods at sunrise, it was an awesome experience. Thanks, Cheryl! Wrapping up the conference by listening to an authentic Olympic silver medallist inspired us to pursue goals with persistence. To sum it up, the name of the conference was perfect in giving us the tools to relay assistance to our students and achieve Peak Performance.

I am very appreciative of the opportunity to attend the training on a KASFAA scholarship. Jonathan Wilson at Colby Community College had a conflict with his calendar so I was awarded his scholarship after the spring conference. GCCC is very fortunate since we were planning for our advisor Lesa Gilbert and me to attend. The scholarship made it possible without wrecking our budget. We also owe a debt of gratitude to our Asst. Director Barb Edwards and our secretary Becky Thomas who kept the home fires burning while Lesa and I were networking with our colleagues learning to think like financial aid folks. From start to finish RMASFAA's Summer Institute 2002 was everything I had anticipated and more!

Kathy Blau
Garden City Community College


While I may not have been greeted with the typical Colorado temperatures upon arrival on Friday, I was greeted with the smiling faces of the Summer Institute registration staff. They gave me my personal water bottle, my training notebooks and directions to the first session along with instructions to drink, drink, drink (water, that is). I settled in quickly, as it was too warm to stay in the room any longer than necessary. Then I was off to meet the other 11 participants in the Professional Development & Leadership Seminar.

An evening of getting to know you exercises, and getting to know myself exercises, brought the group together as a team. With the adept leadership of Julie Cooper and Beverly Bell, we spent the next day learning about team building and developing leadership/teambuilding skills. Saturday concluded with an etiquette dinner where we were advised on the importance of proper dinner manners, even though we didn't always follow those instructions that evening! A "Graduation" ceremony Sunday morning completed our brief but beneficial leadership experience.

The Summer Institute Neophyte training began Sunday afternoon. I was part of the Black group, under the instruction of Ruben Guererro and Sue Weinreis. We had a large group with a variety of backgrounds that provided for interesting discussions and learning opportunities.

Although financial aid can be a tedious subject, Ruben and Sue did a great job of keeping it interesting. From teaching Professional Judgment in their flannel pajamas to having members of our group lead us in "out of the box" experiences, Sue and Ruben kept our attention. Guest speaker, Jeanne Mott had us honing our game playing skills as well as our financial aid knowledge as we practiced packaging and cash management through life-sized board games. The week was filled with a variety of other sessions.

The opportunity to attend Summer Institute allowed me to enhance my financial aid skills as well as meet a large group of individuals in the financial aid profession. I am grateful to KASFAA for providing me with this opportunity.

Vicki Johansen
Fort Hays State University


A big thanks to KASFAA for the opportunity to attend the Leadership training and Intervanced sessions at the Rocky Mountain Summer Institute in Colorado Springs. What a wonderful way to start the summer.

The week consisted of a variety of activities, from the proper etiquette for business lunches and formal dinners to a simulated negotiated rulemaking session. It's a week of intense training and great fun.

Thanks again, KASFAA, for making it possible for me to participate.

Brenda Meagher
Bethany College

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