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Kansas Board of Regents Update

Submitted by Diane Lindeman

At the end of the legislative session this year, three programs were added to the Kansas Board of Regents Student Financial Assistance section. These programs were: the Kansas National Guard Educational Assistance Program, the Workforce Development Loan Program, and the Foster Care Tuition Waiver Program.

The Kansas National Guard Educational Assistance Program (House Bill 2642) was formerly administrated by the Adjutant General's Office. This responsibility has now been transferred to our office. One major change in this program is that students will no longer pay upfront costs and wait for reimbursement. The institutions will invoice the Kansas Board of Regents for the cost of tuition and fees for each student and our office will reimburse the institutions. A letter regarding this change was recently sent to all participating Kansas educational institutions which include: area vocational schools, area vocational-technical schools, community colleges, the municipal university, state educational institutions, technical colleges and accredited independent institutions. For further information, or to obtain a copy of the letter, contact Don Wimpelberg at don@ksbor.org.

The Workforce Development Loan Program (House Bill 2872) is being funded by federal money through the Office of Human Resources and the Office of Social and Rehabilitation Services. The intent of this program is to fund a loan program for students who are enrolled in educational training programs that are considered in high demand in the state of Kansas. The statute reads that "tuition, fees, books, room and board and other necessary school related expenses" will be covered by the loan. The recipient will then live and work in Kansas, in the field of work for which they were trained, until the loan is forgiven. This timeframe is ¼ of the loan amount's principal will be forgiven for each year of living and working in Kansas. Because this is a joint effort between our office and other state offices all of the details have not been ironed out as of this date. Once more information is available this will be sent out to all participating Kansas educational institutions. For the purposes of this program, these institutions are defined as: vocational technical schools, technical colleges, community colleges, vocational schools coordinated under the state board of regents or associate degree programs at postsecondary educational institutions.

Many of you have been receiving phone calls regarding the Foster Care Tuition Waiver Program (also part of House Bill 2872). There is a federal source of funding through the Office of Social and Rehabilitation Services that will fund the waiver program. Participating Kansas educational institutions are defined as: area vocational schools, area vocational-technical schools, community colleges, state educational institutions and technical colleges. (Though municipal universities were not specifically identified in the bill, it is assumed that they will also participate.) These institutions "shall provide for enrollment without charge of tuition, undergraduate fees, including registration, matriculation and laboratory fees for any eligible applicant. No Kansas educational institutions shall be required to provide for the enrollment of more than three new applicants in any academic year. An applicant who was in the custody of social and rehabilitation services on the date such applicant reached 18 years of age and who is accepted to a Kansas educational institution within two years following the date such applicant graduated from a high school or fulfilled the requirements for a general educational development (GED) certificate shall be eligible for enrollment." Again, details on this program are being worked on as I write this. We will need to be able to begin to honor these waivers for the fall 2002 semester.

The legislature gave our office very little time, and no additional staff, to manage these new programs. We want to be certain that we have covered all bases in the implementation of policy for them. We appreciate your patience and as soon as we have more detailed information it will be sent out to you immediately.

Kaye and Don wanted me to pass along that funds will be sent out to your schools for the state programs in early August.

Lina wanted you to know that we are doing some re-tooling of the KCG/KSS Tracking Program. If you have had any questions as you've reviewed the information on the tracking program and have any concern about the accuracy of the data, please contact our office and we can check our records with you.

That's about all we have to report for now….stay cool during these hot (and very busy) summer months. We look forward to the fall when we will have the opportunity to see you all at the Fall KASFAA Conference in Salina!

Diane Lindeman
Kansas Board of Regents

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