KASFAA Oz-Sociated Press, Summer 2002
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KASFAA Committee Reports

Compiled by Anthony Lyons, Newsletter Committee Chair

Associate Members Committee

Brent Carpenter, Chair, Don Wimpleberg, Co-Chair, Cheryl Bellinger, Connie Holmes, Debbi Johanning, Rita Jones, Robyn LeGrand, Kathryn McConnell, and Wade Peterson.

Awards Committee

KASFAA recognizes individuals who have provided voluntary service or made significant contributions toward the aims and ideals of the financial aid profession in KASFAA. Members of this years Awards Committee are:

Julie Esau, Chair, Connie Holmes, Co-Chair, Cheryl Bellinger, Deb Byers, Susie Edwards, Brenda Krehbiel, Alexine Lewis, and Kristi Nicol.

Throughout the year - keep in mind those individuals who meet the definition above. In January a mailing will go out for you to nominate worthy individuals for special awards. Also, please notify one of the committee members if you know of a retirement in the KASFAA family.

Julie Esau
The College Board

College Goal Sunday Committee

College Goal Sunday 2002 was a wonderful SUCCESS! Our attendance was slightly up from CGS 2001 and we received many, many positive comments from students, parents and volunteers supporting our efforts. A big thank you to our friend and last years chair, Chris Christensen. Thanks Chris!

Time sure is flying, summer is half way over and it's time for me to begin writing grant requests for CGS 2003. The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, USAFunds and the Lumina Foundation have graciously funded our past CGS events. I've enjoyed working with each of our grantors and I'm looking forward to working closely with them again this year.

My wonderful co-chair this year is Connie Corcoran, Emporia State University. Connie worked very hard last year as our volunteer coordinator, and has also served as site coordinator in Emporia for the past several years. I'm looking forward to working closely with Connie again this year!!

And the news that you've all been waiting for...next year's College Goal Sunday will be held Sunday February 16, 2003. We are anticipating adding two new site locations this year: one in Johnson County and one in Pittsburg Kansas. Connie and I have been tossing some ideas around and we are both very excited to begin promoting this year's event! We also have a great committee this year and I know they have lots of great ideas for us to work with as well. I've been in touch with several of them already and the wonderful ideas are flowing like a river. Keep up the great work gang! And as a final note, if anyone is interested in servings as a site coordinator for CGS 2003 please contact Connie or myself. Every year the site coordinators are a very special and intricate part of the success of this event and I'm hoping to rely on them even more this year than we have in the past.

College Goal Sunday Committee Members 2002-2003:

Michelle Pursel, Chair, Connie Corcoran, Co-Chair, Deborah Alexander, Kathy Blau, Donna Carter, Katherine Coates, Stephanie Covington, Becca Diskin, Dora Galvan, Dan Hennigh, Kelly Hoggatt, Jean Kibbe, Jodi Lightner, Sandy Ludlum, Sandra McGill, Brenda Meagher, Julia Rombough, Laverne Schmidt, Wendy Tangney, Valerie Walthall, Carol Williams, Don Wimpelberg, and Carol Wirthman.

Michelle Pursel
Guaranty Bank & Trust

Conference Planning Committee

The Conference Planning Committee has selected a theme for the Salina conference. The theme is: At the Crossroads - Where Do We Go From Here?

This fits in well with approaching reauthorization, issues with State support, etc. It also fits in with the Salina Chamber of Commerce's promotion - Salina: Discover the Crossroads.

Watch for a registration announcement soon!

Also, we have tentatively decided on a Hawaiian-flavored conference for April in Topeka. So, if you get that long flowered shirt for Christmas, hold on to it!

Chris Johnson, Chair, Brenda Meagher, Co-Chair, Robb Cummings, Sandy Ludlum, Richard Sandstrom, Michael Arp, Cheryl Bellinger, Brynn Berner-McFarlane, Donna Carter, Wayne Hatch, Connie Holmes, Debbi Johanning, Rita Jones, Wilma Kasnic, Robyn LeGrand, Jodi Lightner, Chris Martindale, Gail Palmer Mandy Peterson, Barbara Ralls, Claudia Russell, Cheryl Schinze, Jennifer Schreur, Sandra Schroeder, Matt Staples, Wendy Tangney, Tamara Thompson, Valerie Walthall, Karen Washington, Michelle Wiesing, and Carol Wirthman.

Chris Johnson
University of Kansas

Corporate Development Committee

The committee will be scheduling a meeting late in July to discuss goals for this year's corporate development plan. The letter requesting corporate support for the Fall KASFAA Conference "At the Crossroads - Where do we go from here?" has been developed and will be sent out in August to all Associate Member organizations. The Corporate Development Committee members for 2002-2003 include:

Robb Cummings, Chair, Barbara Stapleton, Co-Chair, Connie Holmes, Brenda Krehbiel, and Alexzine Lewis.

Barbara Stapleton
Commerce Bank & trust

Electronic Resources Committee

Richard Sandstrom, Chair, Gail Palmer, Co-Chair, Chris Johnson, and Carol Williams.

Fiscal Officers Committee

Tuesday, May 21, 2002 marked the second annual Fiscal Officer Workshop, hosted by Jim Keating and Kansas State University. Bruce Lopez of Credit World Services was the presenter and shared much information that he gathered while attending the Student Loan Collections Conference held in St. Louis in April. Those that attended enjoyed fun, food, and fellowship as we shared student loan collection tips. Hopefully, this workshop will continue each year as it provides the Fiscal Officers another avenue to share with each other and hammer out those federal guidelines and regulations.

Fiscal Officers Committee Members are:

Jan Batley, Chair, Judy Getty, Co-Chair, Jim Keating, Richard Sandstrom, and Roxann Werth.

Jan Batley
MidAmerica Nazarene University

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee consists of:

Sylvia Ellis, Chair, Delida Beale, Co-Chair, Michael Arp, Cheryl Bellinger, Marla DeJonge, Alexzine Lewis, Kristi Nicol, Julia Rombough, and Don Wimpelberg.

As a reminder, please verify the information and make appropriate changes or additions on the Membership renewal Application that you recently received.

Thanks to those who have already responded!

Please note that only organizations and individuals listed in the September 2002 online directory will be eligible to vote in the upcoming KASFAA elections. To be listed, your membership fees must be paid.

If you have any questions, please call me.

Sylvia Ellis
Baker University

Mentor Committee (New This Year)

During the spring KASFAA Board of Directors meeting a new committee was formed - the Mentor Committee. For some time there has been an interest in developing a mentor/mentee program to assist people new to the financial aid arena. We have so many people in our organization that have such a wealth of financial aid expertise that we think it is important to be able to share this knowledge with others. The committee will be planning to meet for the first time in mid-July. Members of the committee are:

Diane Lindeman, Chair, Wendy Tangney, Co-Chair, Debbie Boley, Linda Grother, Brenda Maigaard, Jeanne Mott, and Brenda Hicks.

Newsletter Committee

If you are reading this, it must mean we got the first edition of this new year on the web. Chris Johnson is teaching Cindy and me the things we need to know to publish the newsletter so that he can divest himself a bit to work on other things. Together, we are developing a transition protocol so that future Newsletter Committees will be able to pass on the knowledge to accomplish web publishing.

We have expanded the Newsletter Committee with the idea of involving more people from all sectors of our membership in information gathering and reporting. I can tell already that we have a good group. We do need a Technical Schools Reporter to round out our roster. If you are interested, please let me know right away.

Feel free to make suggestions, comments, and write articles. This is your newsletter.

These are the current members of the Newsletter Committee:

Anthony Lyons, Chair, Cindy Stanphill, Co-Chair, Chris Johnson, Technical Advisor, Jack Taylor, Valerie Walthal, Associate Member Reporter, Joni Benz, Community Colleges Reporter, Lois McCurdy, Private Colleges and Universities Reporter, Michelle Wiesing, State Universities Reporter, Vacant, Technical Schools Reporter, and Debbie Davis, Welcome Committee Reporter.

Anthony Lyons
Dodge City Community College

Publicity and Awareness Committee

With the Board of Director's approval, the KASFAA Publicity & Awareness Committee is "NEW & IMPROVED" for '02-'03. Sandy Schroeder, Chair of the KASFAA Early Awareness Committee, and I have decided to consolidate our two committees since we share a similar goal of creating "Awareness." Since the Early Awareness Committee had been an Ad Hoc Committee, it seemed logical that we pool our resources and focus our energies on reaching out to the appropriate constituencies through the Publicity & Awareness Committee.

Our committee met for the first time at Emporia State University on June 26th to establish our goals and objectives for the upcoming year:

    Reach out to Kansas High School Guidance Counselors by:
  • Publishing KASFAA Fact Poster for distribution at the annual KASFAA High School Counselor Training
  • Publishing a series of financial aid related articles geared towards high school juniors/seniors to use in high school newspapers for distribution at the annual KASFAA High School Counselor Training
    Reach out to Kansas High School Juniors and Seniors by:
  • Participating in the Wichita Futures Fair
  • Participating in the College Planning Conferences offered through KACRAO
  • Developing a KASFAA Junior/Senior PreCollege Calendar for distribution to students at Wichita Futures Fair and College Planning Conferences

Order additional KASFAA Tablecloths for use at Wichita Futures Fair and College Planning Conferences

Research Early Awareness Options and make recommendation to the Board of Directors.

We have a terrific committee pulled together to assist in carrying out these goals and objectives:

Cindi Ramaeker, Chair, Sandy Schroeder, Co-Chair, Elaine Henrie, Donna Carter, Carol Williams, Kathy Blau, Katherine Coates, Perry Diehm, Judy Getty, Angela Hiltabidle, Barbara Ralls, and Claudia Russell.

Stay tuned for more exciting news throughout the year from the "NEW & IMPROVED" KASFAA Publicity & Awareness Committee! We may be contacting you to ask for your assistance as we reach out to our constituencies to create financial aid awareness! Have a great summer!

Cindi Ramaeker

Training Committee

Eager Training Committee members met on June 19 to map out the year's activities. Our goal is to provide the KASFAA membership with training opportunities through exciting and educational workshops. Believe me, "dull" will not be an adjective used to the describe training.

High School Counselor Workshops will be held November 4th though the 7th at seven sites throughout the state. Three individual teams: west, central and east will present a morning session to neophyte and seasoned high school counselors. This year, a live session of financial aid resources on the web will be presented. Registration material will be mailed to counselors and KASFAA members at the end of August.

Our committee will continue to provide neophyte training at the state conferences. We are fortune to have so many remarkable trainers in our organization, trainers with experience and knowledge that will make a positive impact on session participants.

The KASFAA Board of Directors has allowed our committee to "beef-up" the Support Staff Workshop. Two workshops will be held in the spring, one in Emporia at Flint Hills Technical and the other at Fort Hays State University. Tentative dates for the workshops are February 28 and March 7.

Keep watching the KASFAA website, www.kasfaa.org, for announcements on upcoming training opportunities.

Janell Harris, Chair, Lavern Schmidt, Co-Chair, Deb Byers, Marla DeJonge, Perry Diehm, Susie G. Edwards, Kelli Hartman, Kelly Hoggatt, Wilma Kasnic, Diane Lindeman, Brenda Maigaard, Tanya McGee, Jennifer Schreur, and Matt Staples.

Janell Harris

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