KASFAA Oz-Sociated Press, Spring, 2002
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Submitted by Gail Palmer, Awards Committee Chair 2001-02
Photos by Julie Esau Grimmett

Many awards were presented during our spring conference the evening of April 4, 2002. Our awards committee decided to add something special to our length of service attendees by presenting them with a button, indicating years of service, to wear during the entire conference. These buttons tied in with our 70's theme. During the evening banquet, plaques were given to twenty-eight financial aid personnel who have survived the rigors of our business for 10, 15, 20, and 25 years of service to students and KASFAA. Congratulations to each of you.

(Editor's Note: Not all 70s hairstyles/hairpieces/attire reflect present reality)

10 year recipients (l-r): Karen Washington, Sandy Schroeder, Harlan Plunkett, Brenda Meagher, Bob Kolich, Diane Lindeman, Julie Esau. Not pictured: Reta Beaver, Randy Doerksen, Lois Hembree, Shirley Pfeifer, Kelly Twombly, Kelly Vowels.

15 year recipients (l-r): Janice Ramsey, Linda Grother, Larry Viterna, Julie Cooper, Deb Byers. Not pictured: George Emery, Keith Fitzsimmons.

20 year recipients (l-r): Marcia Mendez, Wilma Kasnic, Judy Bomgardner. Not pictured: Deborah John.

25 year recipients (l-r): Dick Koontz, Glenna Alexander. Not pictured: Frederick Laurino, Sandra Laurino.

Robert Gamez, President of KASFAA presented certificates to the Electronic Resource Committee as our KASFAA Committee of the Year. They were honored for implementing a new on-line voting feature this year. Thanks to this committee we are in the 21st century. The Electronic Resource committee members for 2001-2002 were Mike Weatherred, Chris Christensen, Chris Johnson, and Elaine Henrie. Chris Christensen also gave a special thanks to Eileen Brouddus, (former committee member) from Washburn University, ITS, for making our new on-line voting process a reality.

Committee of the Year: Electronic Resources (l-r): Chris Johnson, Elaine Henrie, Chris Christensen. Not pictured: Mike Weatherred, Eileen Brouddus

Again, Robert presented special awards to three hard working, dedicated, and deserving recipients for our Outstanding, Meritorious, and Hall of Fame awards. What an honor it is to be part of an organization with these three dynamic individuals:

  • Cheryl Bellinger, Bank of America, received the award for Outstanding Service. As many of you know Cheryl has provided KASFAA with many contributions and our organization is honored to have her in our midst.

Outstanding Service: Cheryl Bellinger

  • Carol Wirthman, US Bank, appeared surprised to receive the Meritorious Achievement award this year. During her acceptance, she quoted a line from an Elton John song, and many of us who know Carol, expected her to start singing her rendition. Way to go Carol. KASFAA is fortunate to have you in our organization.

Meritorious Achievement: Carol Wirthman

  • Marilyn Haverly, Pittsburg State University, was equally surprised when her name was announced for this years Hall of Fame award. This is the highest award given by KASFAA. Nominees must have contributed significantly to the financial aid profession and served a minimum of fifteen years. Anyone who has ever been in the presence of Marilyn appreciates her knowledge, time, and energy she provides to her office, students, and KASFAA.

Hall of Fame: Marilyn Haverly

We ended the awards banquet by saying goodbye to the following KASFAA Board of Directors. Craig Karlin, Past President, Robert Gamez, President, Annita Huff, President Elect, Kelly Hoggatt, Vice President, Myra Pfannenstiel, Secretary, Sharon Williams, Treasurer, and Julie Esau, Rep-At-Large.

We then celebrated the installation of our new officers for the 2002-2003 year. Please join me in wishing them the very best. With this slate of leaders, KASFAA will accomplish great things. They are:

  • Robert Gamez - Past President
  • Annita Huff - President
  • Chris Johnson - President Elect
  • Chris Christensen - Vice President
  • Becca Diskin - Secretary
  • Sandy Ludlum - Treasurer
  • Cheryl Bellinger - Associate Member Representative at Large

2002-2003 Board of Directors (l-r): Annita Huff, Chris Johnson, Robert Gamez, Sandy Ludlum, Becca Diskin, Chris Christensen, Cheryl Bellinger

I want to take a moment and thank the following individuals for serving on the Awards committee. Thank you, Marla DeJonge, Susie Edwards, Julie Esau, Connie Holmes, Wade Peterson, and Cindi Ramaeker. You are very special people.

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