KASFAA Oz-Sociated Press, Fall 2002
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Sylvia Ellis, Chair of the KASFAA Membership Committee, reports, "Our membership drive has been very successful this year. We have almost 100% paid membership to date."

Technical Schools and Colleges

No announcements were reported from the technical segment of our membership.

Community Colleges

Joni Benz has left her position in the Financial Aid processing department at Johnson County Community College after 14 years. She is working in the Gardner School district as the Office Secretary. Her position has not yet been filled. Trish Johnson, Financial Aid Assistant at JCCC will be leaving the middle of October. Her position has not been filled either. Nicole Vincent is a new Financial Aid Assistant at JCCC.

Linda Gill retired in June of this year and Cindy Kleinsorge has been promoted to replace her as Supervisor over Processing at JCCC.
Marjorie Zimmerman has joined the JCCC staff as Administrative Assistant.
Julie Cooper informs us that she has a couple of other positions that she needs to fill as well.

Tiffany Smith of Butler County Community College married in May of this year.

Private Colleges and Universities

Hallie Evans has joined the financial aid office at Tabor College as Financial Aid Representative. Hallie is a 2001 graduate of Central Christian College.

Brenda Krehbiel has been promoted to Assistant Director of Financial Aid at Newman University. Brenda has been a Financial Aid Counselor at Newman or some time.

Margaret Carlisle reports that Brenda Larrabee has replaced Velda Root as Accountant for Customer Service. Brenda will be handling Perkins Loans in addition to her duties as Cashier.

State Universities and Washburn

Linda Gilmore has joined the Student Financial Assistance staff as an Assistant Director at Kansas State University. Linda brings more than 14 years of management experience with the IRS to her new position.

Carole Pino joins the staff at Washburn University as a Verification Specialist. Deborah McIntire is not only the new Pell Specialist at Washburn, she is also a full time student there.

Karen Felzien, Scholarship Coordinator at Washburn, might be persuaded to show you a picture of her granddaughter, born August 30, 2002. Madelyn weighed 8 pounds and 11 ounces. If that were not enough reason to celebrate, Karen's son, Curtis VonLintel is engaged to Amanda Kiefer. Curtis is the System Administrator at Washburn University Law School.

Debbie Junior has accepted the position of Senior Administrative Assistant at Wichita State University.
Cindy Stanphill will be moving to the position of Assistant Director of Systems at WSU October 21st.
Jessica Ayres joined the WSU staff in June as a Counselor.

Kansas Board of Regents

The Kansas Board of Regents has named Reginald L. (Reggie) Robinson to be its President and Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Robinson has been the Chief of Staff for the University of Kansas Chancellor, Robert Hemenway, since 1998. He served previously in the United States Department of Justice in several senior executive positions and was selected as a White House Fellow in 1993.

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