KASFAA Oz-Sociated Press, Summer 2001
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Individual Commitment to 'Service Culture' Key
to Customer Satisfaction

by Valerie Walthall, USA Funds Customer-Relations Manager,

Financial-aid professionals can enhance the satisfaction of the students and families they serve by working to develop a "service culture" on their campuses, according to customer- service workshops recently conducted in Kansas.

The Advanced Connections training helped campus personnel boost their schools' levels of service excellence. USA Funds® sponsored the daylong sessions at Friends University and at Ottawa University as part of the guarantor's efforts to provide Kansas schools with enhanced services that meet their needs. USA Funds has served as the designated guarantor of federal education loans in Kansas since 1991.

Advanced Connections, developed by Noel-Levitz, defines service culture as one in which all employees of the institution share the philosophy that serving both external and internal customers is of prime importance. Stressing that every service provider needs to work toward building such a culture, the sessions suggested the following "Strategies for Individual Excellence":

Advanced Connections describes the delivery of quality service as doing everything you can - and then some - to make sure customers get what they need. It offers the following "Key Indicators of a Service Culture" at a college or university:

The result of a service culture, according to the training, is more than satisfaction for students and parents. It also means satisfaction for financial-aid professionals who know they have made others feel good. For more information about the Advanced Connections workshop, contact your USA Funds customer-relations manager, Valerie Walthall, at 785-234-0072; toll- free at 800-682-2955, ext. 13; or by e-mail at vwalthal@usafunds.org.

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