KASFAA Oz-Sociated Press, Fall 2001
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RMASFAA Conference Photo Highlights

Photos by Larry Viterna, Julie Cooper, Perry Diehm, and Chris Johnson
of the RMASFAA Conference Publicity Sub-Committee
(with thanks also to Jim Swanson of Colorado College,
the RMASFAA "Official" Photographer)

Our conference photography crew took several hundred pictures at the conference. The pictures that you see here showcase your fellow KASFAA members working at the conference. At the end you can see the result of trying to get around 100 KASFAA people to stand still for a state photo. Other photos will be published in the RMASFAA Exchange and the RMASFAA Reflections. Watch for them too!

Here are the Conference Planning Committee co-chairs,Cindi Ramaeker and Deb Byers, hard at work. No time even to eat! Their hard work paid off. The conference evaluations were excellent!

Here, the Registration Committee members greet the attendees.

Brenda Krehbiel starts out the conference with the National Anthem.

Marla McClure works with table centerpieces.

Craig Karlin, our KASFAA Past President, with Frank Carney, the co-founder of Pizza Hut. Craig had earlier "delivered a pizza" to the podium - one of those "other duties as assigned".

Anthony Lyons introduces Cheryl Brown Henderson at the Tuesday morning general session.

Larry Viterna takes an hour away from photography to moderate a session on default management presented by Carol Buchli.

This is an "unofficial" digital state photo of KASFAA attendees taken at the Kansas Cosmosphere. The official print copies were taken from a photo by Julie Cooper using a film camera.
That's a rocket booster engine over our heads!

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