KASFAA Oz-Sociated Press, Fall 2001
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News from the Kansas Board of Regents

by Diane Lindeman, Director - Student Financial Aid

Since we were not be able to meet with you in breakout sessions, as we normally would during the fall KASFAA meeting, we wanted to have the opportunity to share several pieces of information with you.

  • 2001 Legislative Session - During the 2001 legislative session House Bill 2014 was passed that created some changes in the professional scholarship programs (i.e. osteopathy, optometry, nursing, teacher, and ROTC programs). All of these programs now include "service" as part of their title so that the implication is that students do have a service component to their scholarship. Most of the changes were pretty subtle, but probably the most significant change was in the Teacher Service Scholarship Program. In the past, eligibility for this program was restricted to students who were planning to teach in hard-to-fill disciplines. Now, students who are planning to teach in underserved areas (rural areas or even urban areas in which there is a teacher shortage) will also be eligible for the scholarship. The only program that received increased funding during the 2001 session was the Kansas Comprehensive Grant. This program was increased by a little over $323,000. We were most appreciative that during a tight economic time that the Governor did add additional funding to this program. We don't know what to expect during the 2002 session. It is expected that funding will be very tight. We do not anticipate any increased funding to any of our programs, unless possibly the Comprehensive Grant is once again spared.

  • KBOR Application Processing - As you know during the 2001-2002 the Kansas Board of Regents office assumed the internal processing of the state application forms. We felt that this was very successful. Our intention in doing this was to provide better service to our constituents. In keeping in this vein, during the 2002-03 academic year our office will assume the processing of the Kansas Scholars Rosters (formerly the Regents Recommended Curriculum rosters).

  • Kansas Scholars Curriculum - At the May meeting of the Kansas Board of Regents the name of the Regents Recommended Curriculum (RRC) was changed to the Kansas Scholars Curriculum (KSC). The reason for this change was to help resolve some of the confusion that often existed between the names Regents Recommended Curriculum and Qualified Admissions Curriculum. Hopefully, by adding "Scholars" to the name of the curriculum this will associate this program with scholarships rather than admission to regent's universities. As you know, students must complete the Kansas Scholars Curriculum in order to be eligible to be designated as a Kansas State Scholar and, if they have financial need, may be awarded the Kansas State Scholarship.

  • November report - By the time you read this you will probably have received your fall data collection report from us that is used for the review of the Kansas Comprehensive Grant allocation formula as well as to provide information to policy makers. This year we will also be collecting information from the community colleges and vocational-technical schools. We want to look at the possibility of broadening the Kansas Comprehensive Grant to include those schools but need to have the data to be able to adequately review this possibility.

  • Federal money - Each fall we have generally received federal funding that is used to enhance the Kansas State Scholars program, the Kansas Comprehensive Grant, or both. The funding that we are expecting to receive this fall will be used to enhance the Kansas Comprehensive Grant. We have been notified of our allocation but have not released this information to you pending the actual arrival of the funds. We would not want to promise you something that we couldn't actually deliver. Based on previous years, we would expect to receive this funding during the month of October. We will notify you as soon as we receive it so that you will be able to award more KCG money to your students.

  • Spring allocations - The spring semester payments for students receiving the Ethnic Minority Scholarship, Kansas Teacher Service Scholarship, and Kansas Nursing Service Scholarship will be sent to you in late November or early December.

  • State application forms for 2002-03 - Barring any printing problems, it is our hope that the state application forms will be available in early November. We will mail a supply to all of you. I know that some of you like to have these available for your college financial aid nights in late fall, so hopefully we will have these for you by the time you need them.

We regret missing the opportunity to visit with you at length in breakout sessions at the fall conference, but it was great to see many of you, if only briefly, at RMASFAA.

-- Diane, Kaye, Don and Lina

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